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With Dave Kozak and Joe Kerins

College Knowledge®

The podcast for college-bound families

Want the inside scoop on college admissions? How about the secrets to getting an awesome internship? We’ve got you covered. We’re sharing all the knowledge you’ll need for college . . . and beyond.

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Join Dave Kozak—CEO of Elite Collegiate Planning and the College Planning Network—on the College Knowledge podcast as he explores all the hot topics in college planning, admissions, and campus life through fun and enlightening conversations with admissions experts, professors, deans, coaches, students and alumni. 

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PLUS Loans and College Debt!

Joe and Dave discuss parent PLUS loans and college debt, and why PLUS loans are here to stay. Plus how to look at college debt with the large-purchase mindset.

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Meet Your Hosts

Dave Kozak


David A. Kozak is the founder and CEO of Elite Collegiate Planning and CEO of the College Planning Network. He has, in his own words, “the distinct honor” to work with families across the country to redefine what “investment” means to them. He believes—to quote Benjamin Franklin—“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends.” This drives his passion for educating families about how to send their children to college without jeopardizing their own financial goals and retirement. 

Dave created the College Knowledge podcast to let college insiders share their own expertise, experience and perspective to help inform college-bound families.

Joe Kerins


Joe Kerins is a Certified College Planning Specialist, a Certified College Funding Specialist, and an Education Loan Analyst. His background is in financial planning, where he discovered that ordinary financial plans look at college as an afterthought rather than an important financial milestone whose funding can have significant impact on an overall financial plan. 

Joe is passionate about educating families through the college planning process, with a goal of minimizing the cost of attendance so parents can provide what is best for their children without putting their retirement plans in jeopardy.